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Patent-pending container pools

With a delightfully eclectic design and an authentic independent spirit, every Ecopool exudes fascinating appeal.

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The Genius of Container Architecture

You've seen pools, but you've never seen one like this pool. It's faster, stronger, and more sustainable than anything you've experienced in the past. Better in each and every way, it is the pool that's setting a newer standard for modern swimming pool design. Ecopool is the pool designed to push the boundaries.

With connected electric robots for cleaning, and ultraviolet disinfection available, this is the pool you didn't know you needed until now.

Building a swimming pool with shipping container architecture is sustainable, and it focuses on the upcycling or recycling of used shipping containers. By integrating the steel structures recycled from these containers, the swimming pool will be stronger than what you would get with a conventional concrete pool.

That also lowers the demand for wood, brick, concrete, and additional building materials. Because of the lowered need for these items, the embodied energetic cost that's associated with the construction of the swimming pool is lowered, too.


Perfectly Simple Design

Ecopool successfully unites too opposites - modern and industrial - in a way that is understated, elegant, and truly timeless. With a few simple principles of design, and a lot of patience, each and every pool exudes an appeal that is captivating and fascinating. Ecopool is able to combine the shape of an iconic, modern swimming pool with hand-crafted industrial design and the strength of steel construction.

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Ecopool - Better in Every Way

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Stir Your Soul With Modern Design

If you're looking for the ultimate option in strength and durability, you're in the right place with Ecopool. Some pools a little bit of steel to their concrete walls to make the pool stronger. But here, you can skip the concrete entirely. You'll get entire walls made of steel, for strength and durability. Swimming pools haven't changed a lot in the last 70 years. At least, until now. When it comes to strength, his is the most dramatic leap forward that pools have ever taken.

We would have released our Ecopools sooner, but we were busy with all the patent applications. Now, Ecopool's patent pending process comes from 18 months of designing and testing prototypes. Did we mention it also comes with a showstopping modern design? You can personalize your Ecopool any way you want, all in our 3D Pool Studio.


To the things you love.

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And a spark to one's emotions.

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Inspired by Modern Industrial

The idea for Ecopool comes from exploring the areas in Texas coastal cities, checking out what the urban fringe had to offer. We were drawn in by industrial design, and we saw that design nearly everywhere! It was in the abandoned places, like old breweries and run-down factories. It was in the thriving spaces that had been made from the restoration and reuse of those old building, too. Made from steel, every pool in our lineup offers more than 300 hand welds. These pools take you back to a feeling and a time when everything was built to last. Ecopool puts emphasis on essential appeal, as well as practicality, clean-cut lines, and a design that's free of superfluous decoration.


Like a Pool, Unlike Any Pool

Every Ecopool starts with tons of steel. Literally. In years past, different types of pool construction systems have come and gone. But no matter how they've been created in the past, nothing matches the durability, strength, and overall versatility of steel for building pools. Ecopool is here to make things easier, and to construct a pool that's perfect for any backyard. Typical lap pools and competition pools include standard 20-foot and 40-foot lengths, and you can get them in configurations that are suitable for recreation, as well as every level of fitness competition or training. Ecopools are structurally sound, and they're fully self-supporting, whether they're empty or filled.

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Built Sustainable

With an average in-ground pool price reaching more than $80,000, there was a lot of opportunity to get much more from considerably less. The goal became to optimize the ratio of work input to work output, and gain much-needed efficiency.

To reduce the on-site construction costs, Ecopool builds every pool's structural system in advance at our manufacturing facility in Texas. Then the pool is shipped in big sections and reconnected on-site. A local contractor handles that reconnection, simplifying the installation process for everyone. Construction is frequently completed in only 3 to 4 days. Our modular systems are already fully engineered and properly welded for a pool that is delivered on time and on budget. It's built right, right from the start.


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